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I Viaggi di Massimo e Ilaria  


Our Trip to Peru

Iíve been dreaming of a trip to Peru since I was a kid and eventually Iíve succeeded in organizing it in summer 2007 with my wife butÖÖ just a couple of weeks before our departure we found out we were expecting a baby!!

After the obvious surprise and happiness about the not expected news we decided nevertheless to travel to Peru taking much more care about our trip (only cooked foods, no tiring walks for my wife and so on).

Here is a short travelogue of our Peruvian journey. I hope this can be of use for people who are going to have a trip in such a beautiful country. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need some additional clarification.

POST SCRIPTUM: our kid is born on March 4, 2008. Welcome to our world, Thomas!



The Journey

Paracas Reserve and Ballestas Islands

Nasca Lines and Arequipa

Puno and the Titicaca Lake

Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Machu Picchu